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Taulé Cemetery


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    Taulé Cemetery
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    BOUDOT Philippe
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War Cemeteries
Taulé Cemetery
Taulé Cemetery
The Taulé communal cemetery houses the graves of the airmen of the medium bomber Whitley Mk V Z6579 of the Royal Air Force shot down on October 29, 1942 by a German fighter near Taulé.
Pilot Officer WILLIAM FERRIES RAFFAN, Pilot 25 years old, RAF.
Flying Officer MALCOLM GRAEM GRANT, Pilot, 27 years old, RAF.
Sergeant ERNEST CHEETHAM, Navigator, 21 years old, RAF.
Sergeant GILBERT CHARLES JAMES HEYWOOD, Machine Gunner, 20 years old, RAF.
Sergeant EDWARD MARSDEN, Bomber and Navigator, RAF.
Flight Sergeant JAMES DAVID MAXWELL, machine gunner and radio operator, 19 years old, RCAF.
Photo credit and contribution Philippe Boudot
Taulé Cemetery
Taulé Cemetery.

Taulé Cemetery

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