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    Achille Viadieu
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    Raphaël Mégard
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Achille Viadieu
Achille Viadieu
On June 2, 1944, Achille Viadieu, accompanied by Jacques Combatalade(X-5), a policeman from the réseau Morhange, meet their comrades in a café on Place du Fer à Cheval. They are preparing an operation for that evening. The rendezvous is set under the clock on Place du Capitole. Achille Viadieu and Jacques Combatalade are only there to keep watch from their Traction. Discovering the presence of miliciens hidden under the arcades, they go around the square to warn the other members of the operation. The Gestapo, hidden alongside the militiamen, recognized Achille Viadieu. The two resistance fighters' car is immediately mitraille and chased through the streets of Toulouse. Jacques Combatalade at the wheel tries to lose the pursuers. His Traction skids off the road at the Rue des Récollets junction doing a series of barrel rolls. Achille Viadieu barely has time to get out of the car and exclaim "Vive la France libre! ". A burst of machine-gun fire kills him instantly. Jacques Combatalade, seriously wounded, was taken to Purpan hospital and then to St-Michel prison. The network managed to free him a few weeks later...
Source Wikipedia
Contribution and photo credit Raphaël MEGARD.

Achille Viadieu
Achille Viadieu.

Achille Viadieu

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