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Pontaix June 18, 1944
Pontaix June 18, 1944

Memorial in tribute to the 3 FTP resistance fighters who died for France on June 18, 1944.
The target was the bridge spanning departmental road 93, but a mistaken fuse caused a preemptible explosion that killed all three men instantly.
They were buried in Die two days later.

☨ Basset Serge
☨ Drogue Louis
☨ Dorotte Jean-Louis dit "Louis" 19 years old

Francs Tireurs Partisans Frenchmen who died so that France might live on June 18, 1944.

Photo credit: Sylvaine Laborde-Castex

Pontaix June 18, 1944
Crédit photo: Sylvaine Laborde-Castex.

Pontaix June 18, 1944

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