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    Cité d'Alet milestone
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Liberty road
Cité d'Alet milestone
Cité d'Alet milestone

In the heart of the city of Alet a borne of the road to freedom.

Following the Normandy landings in June 1944, the Allies entered Brittanyon July 31. On August 4 they block all access to the Saint-Malo area. The American 83rd Infantry Division, reinforced by the 121st Infantry Regiment (8th Infantry Division) and units temporarily attached to the division, were tasked with liberating Saint-Malo and Dinard. The Americans estimated that a single division could overcome Saint-Malo, whose number of defenders had been underestimated by the 3rd US Army headquarters. As Brittany was not of sufficient interest to Patton, a large proportion of the American units of Patton's 3rd Army were ordered to move eastwards in an attempt to turn back the bulk of the German forces still present in Normandy.

So the Americans relied heavily on aerial bombardment and artillery fire to overcome the fortification. It was only after two infantry assaults, very deadly for the Allies, and more than eight days of shelling, that Colonel Andreas von Aulock agreed to surrender, on August 17, 1944.

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Cité d'Alet milestone
Cité d'Alet milestone.
Voies de la Liberté

Cité d'Alet milestone

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