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Funny crosswords
Funny crosswords

The English newspaper The Daily Telegraph is in the news these days for the funny coincidences that appeared at various times during the Second World War.

August 18, 1942, we're on the eve of the raid on the town of Dieppe, the newspaper is broadcasting its daily crossword with the clue to find the solution French port i.e. a French port, the solution to the crossword was indeed Dieppe, the day before the attack. Immediately theWar Office was alerted and suspected the newspaper of trying to pass messages to enemy lines via their crossword. The investigation will later announce a remarkable coincidence.

Let's go even further, we're a few months before the D-Day in Normandy, various crossword solutions are in close connection with the anticipated landing, words such as Sword, Gold and Juno have appeared in the English newspaper. Qualified as ordinary nouns, the words were called coincidences too.

The coincidences followed one another, May 2, 1944 the word "Utah" appeared, May 22, 1944 "Omaha" May 27, 1944 "Overlord" May 30, 1944 "Mulberry" and June 1, 1944 "Neptune".

The MI5 will arrest Leonard DAWE the editor for extensive questioning to see if it was espionage, he will be acquitted following the investigation describing the appearance of these code names as chance.

Photo credit: National Library of Australia

Funny crosswords
Funny crosswords.

Funny crosswords

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