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    Brax Castle
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Brax Castle
Brax Castle

The château de Brax was home to the resistance fighters of the Morhange network.

Between 1940 and 1945, it served as a refuge for the services spéciaux de la Défense nationale and in 1942 welcomed the résistance groupof the réseau Morhange. When an enemy was abducted, he was taken to the château's basement. After interrogation, he was put on trial and measure D, i.e. execution, was applied. Over seventy corpses were buried in the park. In 1945, resistance fighters were killed at the bottom of the park near a tower corresponding to the former communal oven.
Marcel Taillandier (1911-1944) known as Morhangeor Ricardo was the initiator of thiscounter-espionage group. He was at once the creator, the brain and the soul of this network to which he lent his name. Married with two children, he died in 1944 at Saint Martin du Touch, fused on the spot by the Gestapo, denounced by a village woman.
A strong man, he led the Toulouse resistance with a steely hand. He was in touch with other resistance networks, such as the secret army. In August and September 1943, Morhange led and directed action against French intelligence agents. Six of them were kidnapped, including ex-captain Paris, whose capture enabled him to get his hands on the entire PPF file and prevent an attack on the maquis in the Grésigne forest, then in formation.
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Brax Castle
Brax Castle.

Brax Castle

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