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    François de MENTHON
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François de MENTHON
François de MENTHON

François de MENTHON
January 8, 1900- June 2, 1984

A Catholic or service to the Republic

At 17 he joined the Action Catholique de la Jeunesse française (ACA) of which he became departmental president  then national president in 1928

Reserve captain, father of 6 volunteered in 1939

Wounded on June 18, 1940, hospitalized and made prisoner escapeefrom Saint Dié hospital feeling of rage and analyzes his feeling of rage:

"Rage at being powerless rage at having been sent to die unarmed, rage at having been betrayed before during and after combat. We try to understand La République, la France serait-ce fini?"

Refusing defeat The Resistance

In the autumn of 1940, in MENTHON, he founded the Mouvement LIBERTE, one of the very first Resistance movements, and on November 25, 1940 published the first issue of the newspaper LIBERTE"
"Making the sacrifice of our lives today as yesterday in battle, we simply continue to fight for France"

He wants to continue the fight for his fallen comrades and for the values of Christian Democracy.
With his cousin Gérard du JEU, the support of his brother-in-law Guy de COMBAUD-ROQUEBRUNE and the backing of early Resistance fighters, the newspaper "LIBERTE" soon has a circulation of 20,000.

Then the "LIBERTE" movement will merge in 1941 with Henri FRENAY's "VERITES" to give birth to the COMBAT movement.

January 1942, he receives Jean MOULIN on several occasions at the Château de MENTHON. The envoy of General de GAULLE comes to entrust him with the creation of the Comite Général d'Etudes en vue de l'unification des Mouvements de Résistance.

On May 2, 1942 François de MENTHON is arrested in Annecy by members of the Legion (Vichy). Frappé et jeté dans l'bassin de l'Hôtel de Ville.

This event reverberated considerably Haute Savoie.
The réseaux des jeunes catholiques mobilized to defend François de MENTHON true starting point of the Resistance in Haute-Savoie and in particular in the vallées de Thônes.
he goes underground

July 1942, he is appointed Rapporteur Général du Comité des Expertswith a mission defined by Jean MOULIN to:
- Prepare the immediate measures to be taken when the regime changes.
- Outline the general direction of the new regime.
- Plan for the changes in administrative personnel that will be required.

With Paul BASTID (Primus), Robert LACOSTE (Secundus), Alexandre PARODI (Quartus), Pierre-Henri TEITGEN (Quintus)then René COURTIN, François de MENTHON (Terus) prepares for the Liberation the re-establishment of the Republic and the main measures to be taken by the Provisional Government.

At General de GAULLE's request, he leaves France on August 1, 1943 for London and Algiers, where General de Gaulle entrusts him with the post of Justice Commissioner for the Comité Français de Libération Nationale
On April 21, 1944, François de MENTHON pushes through the text granting women the right to vote and stand for election. Then he prepares a profound reform of the judicial organization, notably with the ordinance of February 2, 1945 on delinquent children, which creates a criminal procedure governing minors

At the Liberation, he is appointed Garde des Sceaux, Minister of Justice.

In November 1944, he stands alongside General de GAULLE at the Morette national military cemetery, which has since become the Nécropole Nationale (Thônes-La Balme de Thuy), where 105 maquisards from the Glières battles of March 1944 are buried.

On August 08, 1945 he was appointed head of the French delegation to the International Military Tribunal at Nüremberg 

Prosecutor General for France, he founded the doctrine relating to crimes against Humanity

Officer of the Legion of Honor. Compagnon de la libération Croix de Guerre 1939-45

François de MENTHON's commitment is the fruit of a family history spanning over 1000 years, of his religious commitment but also of his personal vision of History in the aftermath of the World War II.

His father, Henry de MENTHON, was posthumously awarded the medal of the Just of the Nations (July 14, 2011) for hiding and saving three Jewish children in Saint-Loup (70): Jean-Jacques FARHI, Raphaël FAHRI and Claire dite Diana - FAHRI (sp. Godschalk). Godschalk).

His cousins, Françoise de MENTHON (posthumously) and Geneviève de MENTHON were awarded the Justes des Nations medal (January 8, 1990) for hiding and saving Jewish children at "Charbonnières à Menthon Saint Bernard: notably from March 1944.

Source: Explanatory panel at the château entrance
François de MENTHON
François de MENTHON.
François de MENTHON
François de MENTHON.

François de MENTHON

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