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Brest hospital


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    Brest hospital
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Brest hospital
Brest hospital
At the foot of the cliffs of the commercial port, underground tunnels of varying dimensions open up, the date of construction of which is virtually unknown (we visited one of these tunnels in 1985 over a length of around one hundred meters, but it's quite dangerous on its own - height approx. 1.50 m, width 0.80 m). A number of German bunkers line the cliffs, right up to the fabulous underground complex of 3,000 m2 of galleries over more than 500 meters, built by the Todt Organization in 1941 as a 200-bed hospital with operating theatre, and transformed into a prison by the Americans in 1944. The complex was abandoned for a long time, and then became a mushroom farm. Today, part of the tunnels houses a shooting range just behind the La Carène concert hall.
Brest hospital
Brest hospital.

Brest hospital

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