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Creullet Castle


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    Creullet Castle
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Historic Places
Creullet Castle
Creullet Castle

Marshal Bernard Montgomery set up the headquarters of the landing forces there from 08 June 1944, from where he coordinated all the operations of the Battle of Normandy. He was visited on June 12 by Winston Churchill, then on June 14 by General de Gaulle, who, once again setting foot on French soil, called for a halt to the bombing of French towns, then hit the road again to deliver his first Bayeux speech. On June 15 comes General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Expeditionary Forces and future President of the United States. Finally, on June 16, King George VI in turn passes through the gates of Creullet to confer with Montgomery. The media coverage of this visit will put the Germans on the trail of HQ, which leaves the property on June 23

Creullet Castle
Crédit photo ChBougui.
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Creullet Castle

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