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Provence Landing


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    Provence Landing
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Provence Landing
Provence Landing
The Provence landings were a military operation carried out during the Second World War (code name Anvil Dragoon) by Allied troops in south-eastern France (between Toulon and Cannes), starting on August 15, 1944.

Originally called Anvil, the name was changed to Dragoon by Winston Churchill because he was against the landing (he said he had been forced into it, dragooned6), preferring a breakthrough of troops deployed on the Italian front to the Balkans in order to pincer the German army in Central Europe and reach Berlin before the Soviets. In particular, he opposed de Gaulle, who threatened to withdraw French divisions from the Italian front. The objectives were to liberate Toulon and Marseille, and then to move up the Rhône to join forces with Operation Overlord, which had landed in Normandy.

Operation Dragoon included a glider landing (Operation Dove) and a mock landing in northern Italy (Operation Span).

The German defense of the XIXth Army (mainly foreign troops) was stripped, particularly of the 9th Panzer Division, as reinforcements were sent to the Normandy front. Following this landing and its rapid advance, Hitler withdrew to avoid encirclement, but ordered the destruction of the ports of Toulon and Marseille, and the guarding of these two cities.
Source: Wikipedia
Provence Landing
Provence Landing.
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Provence Landing

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