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Royal Air Force Walrus crash


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    Royal Air Force Walrus crash
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Royal Air Force Walrus crash
Royal Air Force Walrus crash

Memorial in honor of the crew listed below
★ Lieutenant John BELL
★ Sergeant Charles HARRIS
★ Captain Norman HOPE
★ Corporal Bernard NOWELL

On June 18, 1940, a thick fog covered the Ploudaniel area. At around 4 a.m., a few witnesses heard the sound of a plane probably flying very low. According to other accounts, the seaplane attempted to land in the Kerbiquet field and hit an embankment.
The four crew members were pulled from the plane's carcass and died shortly afterwards from their injuries. They were discreetly buried in the Ploudaniel cemetery, unbeknownst to the German army. The plane had taken off from a base near Plymouth around 3am bound for the Breton coast. But what was it doing in Brittany?
According to some, it was on a secret mission to pick up Mme Yvonne de Gaulle and her three children and take them back to Englandwhere, since June 17, General de Gaulle had been.This mission was said to have been decided by Sir Winston Churchill.
Mme de Gaulle had been staying for some time at Carantecat an aunt's house. According to other voices, the crew may have confused Carantec and Trégarantec, a commune located 1 km from the crash site. When asked after the war about this hypothesis, Admiral Philipe de Gaulle declared that his father was unaware of this mission. Mme de Gaulle and her children left Brest the next day by the last boat bound for England.

Royal Air Force Walrus crash
Royal Air Force Walrus crash.

Royal Air Force Walrus crash

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