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Front Stalag 135


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    Front Stalag 135
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Front Stalag 135
Front Stalag 135
Lanniron camp on the banks of the Odet river in Quimper, more precisely erected on farmland in Ergué-Armel in 1940. Each barrack could house up to 120 men.
The camp led by the Hauptmann Queishcommander of battalion Landesschutzen 388 included a major portion of foreign colored soldiers whom Hitler deemed undesirable on German soil....
Stele text:
In memory of the Prisoners of War at Lanniron, FrontStalag 135
At this location during the World War II,the German military authorities held as prisoners of war more than 2000 soldiers from metropolitan France and 7746 soldiers from the French colonies in Africa and Asia.
After the Liberation of Quimper on August 8, 1944, 3853 German POWs were interned here. The Lanniron prison camp was dismantled in June 1946.

This stele was inaugurated on May 18, 2010
in the presence of Bernard Poignant, Mayor of Quimper, and Pascal Mailhos, Prefect of Finistère
Front Stalag 135
Front Stalag 135.

Front Stalag 135

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