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Kourgane Mamaïe
Kourgane Mamaïe
Kamayev Kurgan is a hill overlooking the city of Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad, in southern Russia. In Russian, its name means "Kamayev Kurgan". The hill features a memorial commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad.
When the forces of the German VIth Army attacked the city center of Stalingrad on September 13, 1942, Kamayev Kurgan, noted on staff maps as "hill 102"2 , was the scene of fierce fighting between the German assault troops and the Soviet defenders of the 62nd Army.

Possession of this hill proved vital for control of the city. The Soviets had established strong defensive lines on the hillside, including trenches, barbed wire and minefields. The Germans pushed on towards the summit at the cost of heavy losses. When they had conquered the hill, they were in a position to fire on the center and station of Stalingrad below.
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Kourgane Mamaïe
Kourgane Mamaïe.

Kourgane Mamaïe

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