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Maison d'Izieu
Maison d'Izieu
memorial to exterminated jewish children
The colony was run by Miron Zlatin and his wife, Warsaw-born Sabine Zlatin, who had dedicated herself to the rescue and protection of Jewish children. Until 1942, Izieu was located in the unoccupied zone, close to Switzerland. From November 1942 to September 1943, it was part of the Italian occupation zone.

On April 6, 1944, Gestapo troops under the command of Klaus Barbie raided the colony and arrested the 44 resident children of various nationalities (Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Algeria) and 7 adults present to supervise them. They were loaded onto trucks and taken to the Montluc1 prison in Lyon, before being shipped to the Drancy camp, then on to the death camps in several convoys departing from the Bobigny train station (Convoys no. 71, 75 and 76 on April 13, May 30 and June 30, 1944 respectively)2. Forty-two children were gassed on arrival at Auschwitz, the youngest being 4 years old. Two teenagers and Miron Zlatin were deported on convoy 73 to Tallinn, where they disappeared. Absent at the time of the roundup, Sabine Zlatin, now nicknamed "La Dame d'Izieu", devoted the rest of her life to her fight for the memory of the children.
Maison d'Izieu
Maison d'Izieu.

Maison d'Izieu

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