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    Combeauvert massacre
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    Eric Le Bourvellec
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Combeauvert massacre
Combeauvert massacre

The massacre de Combeauvert took place on June 9, 1944 in Janaillat, a commune in the Creuse department and Limousin region, bordering the commune of Thauron. 31 maquisards were executed there, and two other resistants were killed nearby, bringing the total to 33 victims
On June 9, 1944, the commune of Janaillat suffered repression from a battalion of the 4th regiment of Panzergrenadier Der Führer belonging to the Panzerdivision Das Reich of the Waffen-SS, later responsible for the massacres at Tulle and Oradour-sur-Glane, en route to Normandy : 31 young maquisards were executed at a place called Poteau de Combeauvert.
The Das Reich division was heading for Guéret, which had been prematurely liberated.
La Gasne du clos commune de Montboucher: The Das Reich division coming from Limoges was delayed at Sauviat-sur-Vige by the destruction of a bridge over the Vige. At La Gasne du Clos, they massacre three resistance fighters from the compagnie Chaumeil.
Bourganeuf: Furious at having had an officer wounded, the Germans gather all the men present in Bourganeuf, including the parish priest, in the square, then lock them up as hostages in the Truffy garage on avenue Turgot. The mayor of Bourganeuf, François Graux, an Alsatian who spoke excellent German, negotiated for hours for their release, which he finally obtained once the German officer had been treated.
Combeauvert Then, the Das Reich division heads for Guéret and, tipped off by aircraft, lays a trap at the crossroads of the Guéret road and the road from Pontarion to Janaillat, near Combeauvert.
The first truck from La Chapelle-Taillefert carrying charcoal for the resistance fighters' gas generators was stopped. Then two Resistance vehicles from Aubusson and Vallières heading via Pontarion to the FFI PC at Bellesauves to join the maquis are stopped. A truck bringing back FTP having taken part in the liberation of Guéret and then La Souterraine was retreating to their base at Royère. They took with them two German prisoners and a Kommandantur auxiliary. They were stopped and all killed on reaching the Combeauvert post by SS ambushers. Their leader Helmut Kämpfe , captured on his way back from Guéret by a group of Colonel Guingouin's FTP near Sauviat-sur-Vige, was executed a few days later

Photo credit and contribution Le Bourvellec Eric
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Combeauvert massacre
Combeauvert massacre.
Combeauvert massacre
Combeauvert massacre.

Combeauvert massacre

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