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Ascq 1944 Memorial
Ascq 1944 Memorial

The Mémorial Ascq 1944 is a museum commemorating the massacre of Ascq of April 1944. It is located in the Ascq district of Villeneuve-d'Ascq.
The Ascq Massacre was a massacre committed during the World War II in the French village of Ascq by troops of the Waffen SS.Following an attack on a military convoy on the outskirts of Ascq railway station on the night of April 1, 1944 to April 2, 1944, the population is attacked and eighty-six civilians are shot. The event had a huge impact on the whole region, reinforcing hostility to the German occupation. There will be 60,000 strikers in Lille following the massacre, making it one of the largest French demonstrations of the war under occupation, and a crowd estimated at at least 20,000 attends the funeral in the village.
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Photo credit Jiel Beaumadier

Ascq 1944 Memorial
Crédit photo Jiel Beaumadier.

Ascq 1944 Memorial

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