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    Mardasson Memorial
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Mardasson Memorial
Mardasson Memorial

The mémorial du Mardasson (commonly known as the Mardasson) is a monument raised on a hill overlooking the valley. At the foot of the hill was a small pond in a place called "Asson", hence the origin of the monument's name, le Mardasson, au dessus de la mare d'Asson. It is located some two kilometers northeast of Bastogne, in the province of Luxembourg (Walloon region of Belgium). Inaugurated in 1950, it bears witness to the Belgian population's gratitude to the American soldiers who, during the winter of 1944-1945, gave their lives in the Battle of the Bulge to counter the last German offensive of the World War II.
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Photo credit Jean-Pol GRANDMONT

Mardasson Memorial
Crédit photo Jean-Pol GRANDMONT.

Mardasson Memorial

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