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    Operation Aquatint
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    Franck Ollivier
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Operation Aquatint
Operation Aquatint
Stele in tribute to the soldiers of the British Commando led by Major March Phillipps during the Operation Aquatint.
Operation Aquatint was the code name for a failed raid by British commandos on the coast of occupied France during the World War II . The raid was undertaken on September 12, 1942 on part of what later became Omaha Beach by No. 62 Commando , also known as the Small Scale Raiding Force.

Before the operation, a raid on the French coastal town of Dieppe had placed German occupation forces on high alert, which ultimately contributed to Aquatint's failure. The commandos were also unable to identify their gathering place due to the darkness. No sooner had they arrived than the commando was ambushed by a German patrol and forced to retreat to their motorized torpedo boat (MTB for Motor Torpedo Boat ). The MTB was located and engaged by German batteries, which damaged one of its engines. It was forced to withdraw, leaving the commandos behind. At the end of the raid, the commandos who had not been killed were all taken prisoner. Only five commandos would survive the war; one was killed in captivity and the fate of the other two is uncertain.
Source Wikipedia
Photo credit and contribution Franck Ollivier
Operation Aquatint
Operation Aquatint.

Operation Aquatint

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