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Barach website
Barach website

After being denounced, eight young men from Bubry were discovered in one of this village's abandoned buildings, with its well, washhouse and fountain... A former farmhouse where they were arrested by the gendarmes from Pontivy, then handed over to the nazis.

These young men were members of the groupe de résistance VaillantCouturier, an FTP (Francs-tireurs et partisans) group founded in October 1942 by René Jéhanno in the canton of Plouay, behind several train derailment operations. All eight were refractory to the STO (Service du travail obligatoire) and found themselves trapped in their makeshift cantonment at Barach.
While incarcerated in Vannes prison, one of them, André Le Mouël was taken back to Bubry to inform the occupier, but managed to escape and flee on the night of December 12-13, the other seven were found guilty on the following February 17 by the military tribunal .

Deported, shot...
André Cojan
and André Le Garrec were sentenced to deportation. They were deported Nacht und Nebel, Night and Fog, on May 4, 1944 to the camp du Struthof in Natzwiller (67), then liberated on April 22, 1945 to Sachsenhausen, Germany .

Joseph Le Mouël (24), Jean Mahé (23), Ferdinand Malardé (20), Jean Robic (19), and Raymond Guillemot (19), sentenced to death, were shot on February 25, 1944 at the Polygone de tir de Vannes.

Ferdinand Malardé to his parents, February 25, 1944

Dear parents, two or three words to let you know that I'm going to be shot today.
Dear parents, don't lose heart, I also want you to keep some memories of me, and for my brother André to keep the accordion, for my clothes I'll have to keep everything.
Dear father, mother and brother, don't lose heart and one thing I wish you is to be happy after the war.
Dear parents, I thank you for the parcels you sent me every Friday, I gave you a lot of grief until I was twenty and now I've just given you the greatest grief of all, but suppress your tears because you know for what ideal I fall.
I do not tremble before death, cast away all your sorrows, and take courage.
Dear father, mother and brother, I embrace you all in a final farewell as well as my Aunt Louise and all the great family.
Your son Ferdinand, who has not forgotten you.
Dear father, mother and brother, keep your courage because you will be very happy after the war. Ferdinand embracing his father, mother and brother and the whole family.
Farewell and good luck.


Photo credit, contribution and texts by Jean-Jacques LE MOING

Barach website
Barach website.

Barach website

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