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Herbert W. STANDFORD Stele


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    Herbert W. STANDFORD Stele
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Herbert W. STANDFORD Stele
Herbert W. STANDFORD Stele

Tribute to pilot Herbert W. STANDFORD shot down in aerial combat:

1st Lt Herbert W. Stanford, pilot of P-47 Thunderbolt 42-26259, took off from A-7 Azeville on an armed reconnaissance mission over Vire. Ambushed by 25 German Messerschmitt fighters, Herbert W. STANDFORD was shot down at 9 a.m. as part of a group of 8 American fighters who had arrived over their target at 8:45 a.m. His body was found 300 m away from the target. His body was found 300 m from the wreckage, and he managed to eject from the burning plane far too late. The locals offered him a burial, even though the Germans had closed off the area. Listed as an MIA, his family did not discover the circumstances of his death until 1998. He was reburied in Saint-James Cemetery at the latter's request.

Inscription on stele:

'1st Lieutenant Herbert W. STANDFORD Pilot U-S-A-A-F

GP 365th O-803485

Sq 388th

Died for our freedom on 18.07.1944 at 9:00 am

on board his P.47-D20 Thunderbolt'

June 27, 1999

Herbert W. STANDFORD Stele
Crédit photo Jacques Grasset.

Herbert W. STANDFORD Stele

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