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    Len-a-Voa stele
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    BOUDOT Philippe
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Len-a-Voa stele
Len-a-Voa stele

In the afternoon of August 26, 1944 two trucks with Resistance fighters on board return to Douarnenez after fighting at Lesven. As one of the two trucks broke down, the Resistance fighters regrouped in the second to complete the journey. When the vehicle, a Citroën C6, is overflown by two P47 Thunderbolts, the resistance fighters salute the US Air Force Army pilots as they should.
Alas, the American pilots make a terrible mistake and on the second run open fire on the resistance fighters, thinking they were German soldiers.
This tragedy will leave 14 wounded, including Kléber Company Commander Marcel Florc'h and 6 dead:
Corentin Pérennes.
Émile Le Corre
André Trividic.
Marcel Le Coz.
Émile Le Corre
Hervé Kergoat.
Pierre Guénadou.
Photo credit and contribution Philippe Boudot.

Len-a-Voa stele
Len-a-Voa stele.

Len-a-Voa stele

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