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Stele of the maquis Groupe Lorraine 42 Le Ménil Mitry


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    Stele of the maquis Groupe Lorraine 42 Le Ménil Mitry
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    Jean-Marc Péguy
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Stele of the maquis Groupe Lorraine 42 Le Ménil Mitry
Stele of the maquis Groupe Lorraine 42 Le Ménil Mitry

This stele pays tribute to the maquisards  killed on this spot in September 1944. 

Passing on, remember that on September 3, 1944, these true Resistance fighters from maquis Groupe Lorraine 42
Duperron Capitaine, Nicolas C, Moleon Lieutenant, François, Galtier Sous-Lieutenant, Savary, Tallotte S, Lambert, Lamboulet


Le Ménil Mitry

In this small village of about ten inhabitants, far from the main roads in the shelter of important woods and close to a parachuting ground called " CHANDERNAGOR ", in August 1944 were gathered 894 maquisards du Groupe Lorraine 42 (GL 42), largely from the region.

During the night of August 24-25, 1944, British Major Arthur DUPRE DENNING (Archibald), French Captain Régis COSTE (Montlac) and American Radio Chief Sergeant Roger PIERRE (Mike) parachuted onto the field. Weapons, ammunition and equipment were also received on several occasions at this site. On September 3, a German detachment of 250 men with heavy weaponry, supported by four armored vehicles, attacked GL 42 at Le Ménil-Mitry. After eight hours of fierce fighting, surprised by the resistance put up, the enemy was forced to retreat.

GL 42 played an important role in gathering and exploiting intelligence and in guiding elements of the PATTON army across the Moselle. It took part in the liberation of Lunéville and the surrounding area.

On September 8, the general PATTON visited GL 42 at Le Ménil-Mitry, reviewed the troops in the château's courtyard of honor, congratulated all the maquisards on their conduct during the fighting to liberate the region, thus recognizing GL 42's qualification as Forces Françaises Combattantes de l'Intérieur (FFCI). During the various battles, many maquisards were killed by the enemy. In their memory, numerous steles were erected at the main battle sites. HaussonvilleSt MardPont de la Moselle à Bayon, Laneuveville-devant-BayonLe Ménil-MitryCrantenoyGovillerCharmes.

On October 8, 1944, GL 42 became the 5/20th March Battalion, and in December 1944 took part in the Ardennes counter-offensive.

On February 3, 1945, at Clermont en Argonne, it reformed the 1st Battalion of the 150th R.I. spearheading the fighting during the liberation of the Poche de Royan in April 1945. Groupe Lorraine was cited as the most important maquis in the Eastern region and officially classified as a Fighting Unit by the Ministry of Defense.

Colonel GRANDVAL, Commander of the Resistance Region "C", gratified GL 42 as the finest jewel of the Resistance in Lorraine, by its efficiency and the size of its numbers.

In 1994, a memorial was erected at Vigneulles (54), recalling that to reconquer our freedom, 93 maquisards of GL 42, Soldiers of the Shadow, died for France.

Passing remember

Stele of the maquis Groupe Lorraine 42 Le Ménil Mitry
Crédit photo Jean-Marc Péguy.

Stele of the maquis Groupe Lorraine 42 Le Ménil Mitry

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