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Wannsee Conference
Wannsee Conference
The Wannsee Conference (German: Wannseekonferenz [ˈvanˌzeːˌkɔnfeˈʁɛnt͡s]a) brought together in the Villa Marlier of Berlin, on January 20, 1942, fifteen senior officials of the Third Reich, delegates from the ministries, the party or the SS, to finalize the administrative, technical and economic organization of the final solution of the Jewish question , wanted by Hitler and then implemented, on his instructions, by Göring, Himmler, Heydrich and one of the latter's collaborators, Adolf Eichmann.
At the time of the conference, the Shoah had already been underway for several months: the deportation of Jews from the Reich had begun; following the outbreak of the invasion of the USSR, the Einsatzgruppen had been executing Jews by the hundreds of thousands since June 1941; the extermination camp at Chełmno had been in operation since December 1941, and other killing centers were under construction or planned.
Chaired by Reinhard Heydrich, the conference, whose secretariat is provided by Adolf Eichmann, lasts less than two hours. Although it was brief and not marked by any fundamental decisions, for most Holocaust historians it was a decisive step in the realization of the Holocaust, firstly by confirming the SS's total control over the implementation of the extermination of the Jewish people, and secondly by confirming Heydrich's role as the mastermind of the destructive process, and then by securing the unfettered collaboration and unfailing support of the entire state apparatus and the Nazi party.
His importance is confirmed by the existence of several monographsb. Its historiography is still the subject of vigorous debate.
The Villa Marlier where the conference took place has been a place of remembrance since 1992.
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Wannsee Conference
Wannsee Conference.

Wannsee Conference

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