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Arrest MICHEL-LÉVY Simone


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    Arrest MICHEL-LÉVY Simone
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    Jean Michel-Lévy
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Arrest MICHEL-LÉVY Simone
Arrest MICHEL-LÉVY Simone

Entering the PTT administration in 1924, and passing the competitive examination for editors in 1941, Simone Michel-Lévy was appointed to the Direction régionale des téléphones in Paris, where she was in charge of switching telephone communications. This was a strategic location, which she turned with Ernest Pruvost and Maurice Horvais into a clandestine information agency (network Action PTT), particularly towards Normandy, where her activities enabled the establishment of a radio network used during the landings.

She also organizes a system for routing mail to England, hijacks telegraph and telephone equipment for Resistance organizations, and sabotages departures for the STO.

From autumn 1942, the Action PTT network made contact with the civilian and military organization, as well as with the Confrérie Notre-Dame, whose postal activity was now taken over by Simone Michel-Lévy's network .

She was arrested on November 5, 1943 by the Abwehr, betrayed by the CND radio chief (Robert Bacqué, alias Tilden).
Bacqué's betrayal profoundly dismantles the Confrérie Notre-Dame. Simone Michel-Lévy is tortured by Christian Masuy's men; without giving any name, she is interned at Fresnes, then at the Royallieu camp. she is deported from Compiègne on January 28, 1944, to the Ravensbrück concentration camp, where she arrives on February 3. In April of the same year, she was transferred to the Holleischen Kommando of the Flossenbürg concentration camp, where she worked in a factory making anti-aircraft ammunition. Together with two other deportees, Hélène Lignier and Noémie Suchet, she organized the sabotage of the press to which they were assigned; the sabotage discovered, the three of them were caned in front of all the deportees, before being sentenced to be hanged on April 13, 1945, ten days before the camp's liberation.


Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur

Compagnon de la Libération - decree of September 26, 1945

Croix de Guerre 39/45 with palm

Resistance Medal
Croix du Combattant Volontaire de la Résistance
Médaille des Blessés
Médaille commémorative de la Guerre 39/45 avec barrette "Engagé volontaire"
Médaille de la Déportation et de l'Internnement pour faits de Résistance.

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Arrest MICHEL-LÉVY Simone
Arrest MICHEL-LÉVY Simone.

Arrest MICHEL-LÉVY Simone

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