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Lutetia Paris
Lutetia Paris
Built in 1910 on the initiative of Madame Boucicaut, owner of the department store Le Bon Marché "so that her important clients from the provinces could be accommodated in a nearby establishment corresponding to their lifestyle, when they came to shop in Paris", the Hotel Lutetia is an Art Nouveau hotel with one of the first Art Deco bars in Paris. On June 14, 1940, the German army occupies Paris. The next day, the hotel was occupied by the Abwehr, the German General Staff's intelligence and counter-espionage service, which set up its headquarters there. The head of the Geheime Feldpolizei also moved in. At the Liberation, the hotel's owner had to make the Lutetia available as proof of his commitment to the Resistance. The hotel welcomes deportees returning from Nazi concentration camps. It was Sabine Zlatin, nicknamed the "dame d'Izieu", who set up the reception center, to which families converged in search of information on any deported relatives. Today, a plaque outside the hotel commemorates this episode Source Wikipedia
Lutetia Paris
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Lutetia Paris

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