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Eagle's nest - Kehlsteinhaus


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    Eagle's nest - Kehlsteinhaus
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Eagle's nest - Kehlsteinhaus
Eagle's nest - Kehlsteinhaus
The Kehlsteinhaus was built in 1937 on the initiative of Martin Bormann. He wanted to create a conference center for the party and not, as legend would have it, a "tea house" for the Rich Chancellor.

Colossal works were carried out to achieve this goal: indeed, the building is located at the top of the mountain known as Kehlstein at a height of 1,834 meters. A 6.5 km-long road including 5 tunnels was built to access a platform from which a long, 124-metre tunnel dug into the granite rock leads off. The latter leads to a polished brass elevator that takes you to the top in 40 seconds, some 120 meters higher.
The entire project was completed in less than 13 months, enabling the building to be officially inaugurated on the 50th birthday of Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler..

The surprisingly large reception room is dominated by a red marble fireplace donated by Benito Mussolini. Most of the furniture  used without their designer's consent was designed by Hungarian designer Paul László, who had to flee Nazism.

The Chancellor never visited this place more than twenty times.
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Eagle's nest - Kehlsteinhaus
Eagle's nest - Kehlsteinhaus.

Eagle's nest - Kehlsteinhaus

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