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Wasserwerk Saint Pol
Wasserwerk Saint Pol

For Siracourt, everything changed in June 1943 when the Germans decided to create strong bases for launching V-type weapons (V1, V2, V3). Construction work on a V1 base began in July 1943, with the workforce made up of Russian prisoners. This blockhaus was to be around 200 m long and 45 m wide, and was to house around 150 V1 machines brought in by rail. A ramp, directed towards London, was to be built in the middle of the shelter. The construction technique, developed at the time, involved digging 4m-wide trenches, filling them with concrete, then pouring the vault, which rested on these walls and the ground. Then the earth was removed between the walls.

The work was discovered by Allied aerial reconnaissance in October 1943. The first bombing raids took place on February 24, 1944, but a total of 27 attacks were made on the village, which received around 5,000 tons of bombs. The site was abandoned by the Germans in June 1944.
Photo credit  Pir6mon
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Wasserwerk Saint Pol
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Wasserwerk Saint Pol

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