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Omaha observation post


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    Omaha observation post
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Omaha observation post
Omaha observation post
The Widerstandsnest 62 (abbreviated to WN 62) is a Widerstandsnest ("nest of resistance" in German), part of the Atlantic Wall, located in the commune of Colleville-sur-Mer, Calvados. It was one of the main German defenses on Omaha Beach, the American landing sector. It put up fierce resistance to the American troops landing on June 6, 1944, causing heavy casualties among them.

On its eastern flank, on the beach, WN 62 was protected by a water-filled anti-tank ditch 4 meters wide and 1.70 meters deep. The entire perimeter was surrounded by a network of barbed wire. WN 62 consisted of:

two type H669 bunkers
four tobrouks for MG42 machine guns and mortars
an artillery observation post for the Houtteville battery located further inland
two signal stations
several shelters
several machine-gun positions, including MG42s and Polish models.
Some 40 men were assigned to defend the site, including 27 from the 716th Infantry Division and 13 from the 352nd Infantry Division, whose main function was to guide the artillery fire. Among the 40 men assigned were:

Bernard Frerking (lieutenant)
Heinrich Severloh (Lieutenant Frerking's orderly and machine-gunner on an MG42)
Franz Gockel (machine-gunner on a Polish Maxim 08/15)

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Omaha observation post
Omaha observation post.

Omaha observation post

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