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Ardennes American Cemetery


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    Ardennes American Cemetery
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War Cemeteries
Ardennes American Cemetery
Ardennes American Cemetery
Neuville-en-Condroz American Military Cemetery, or Ardennes American Cemetery, is one of fourteen permanent American World War II cemeteries established outside the United States. It is managed by the American Battle Monuments Commission. It is located in the commune of Neupré, some twenty kilometers southwest of Liège in Belgium, along Route Nationale 63.

The 36.5-hectare site contains the remains and graves of 5,328 soldiers, many of whom fell in the Battle of the Bulge.

The commune of Neupré was liberated on September 7, 1944 by the 3rd Armored Division, and a provisional cemetery was established on the site on February 8, 1945. When the site was selected by the United States to become a permanent cemetery, Belgium granted free use of the land in perpetuity.

The cemetery is rectangular in shape. Its squares of graves form a Greek cross, separated by two intersecting aisles.

The Memorial, built of English Whitbed limestone, is a large, austere parallelepiped. Its base rests on a plinth of Danube-blue granite, which is reached by seven steps that encircle the entire building.

A five-metre-high American eagle is sculpted in high relief on the south façade. It is surrounded by three female figures symbolizing Justice, Liberty and Truth, and thirteen stars representing the United States. The names, units and U.S. states of origin of those buried appear on slabs surrounding the Memorial.

The interior south, east and west walls of the Memorial are decorated with large marble maps in shades of white to cream and grey to black. Most of the inscriptions are in bronze. Topographical and military details are rendered in mosaic or enamelled bronze. The map above the door illustrates the last enemy offensive known as the Battle of the Bulge, followed by the advance of Allied Forces towards the Rhine.
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Ardennes American Cemetery
Ardennes American Cemetery.

Ardennes American Cemetery

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