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War Cemeteries
British Cemetery
British Cemetery

The Bayeux British Military Cemetery is a British military cemetery of the World War II located in Bayeux, Calvados. It is located near the Musée Mémorial de la Bataille de Normandie. It is the largest British military cemetery in France.
he cemetery contains the graves of 4,648 soldiers who fell in the fighting of the Second World War.
Among these soldiers are:

3,935 British,

181 Canadians,
17 Australians,
8 New Zealanders,
1 South African,

25 Polish,

3 French,

2 Czechoslovakian,

2 Italians,

7 Russians,
466 Germans.

Famous soldiers are buried in the Bayeux cemetery:

Corporal Sidney Bates of the British Army was a member of the 1st Battalion of The Royal Norfolk Regiment. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions on August 6, 1944 near Sourdeval.

Five members of the same unit are buried together: Royal Air Force
Flying Officer B.E. Bell(pilot);
Flying Officer H.D. Clark (air gunner);
Sergeant J. Holden (wireless operator/air gunner);
Sergeant J.J. Reed (air gunner);

Royal Australian Air Force
Flying Officer D. MacFadyen, all died on June 10, 1944.
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British Cemetery
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British Cemetery

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