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Sherwood Rangers Memorial


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    Sherwood Rangers Memorial
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    Julien Garnier
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Sherwood Rangers Memorial
Sherwood Rangers Memorial

Stele text: Notts Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry In memory of the liberation of Bayeux. June 7, 1944 and in memory of all our soldiers who fell for the cause of freedom, may God bless them.

Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Squadron

Between the wars, the regiment continued as a cavalry unit, mobilizing in this role in 1939, at the start of the Second World War, to go to Palestine as part of the 5th Cavalry Brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division. However, in 1940, it converted to artillery and took part in the defense of Tobruk and Benghazi, as well as the battle for Crete. In 1941, the regiment converted to an armored regiment with M3 Grant , M4 Sherman and Crusader, and was assigned to the 8th Armoured Brigade. The regiment served in most of the tank battles in North Africa, including Alam El Halfa and El Alameinet during the Tunisian campaign. The Regiment landed in France on D-Day, equipped with DD Sherman and Sherman Firefly tanks, and was at the heart of the fighting in Normandy and the advance through northern France and Belgium. The Recce Troop was the first British unit to fight on German soil in September 1944, taking part in Operation Market Garden, and later participated in the Western Allied invasion of Germany.
(Source Wikipedia)
Photo Julien Garnier

Sherwood Rangers Memorial
Crédit photo Julien Garnier.

Sherwood Rangers Memorial

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