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Nécropole Nationale de la Doua


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    Nécropole Nationale de la Doua
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War Cemeteries
Nécropole Nationale de la Doua
Nécropole Nationale de la Doua

The nécropole nationale de la Doua, or Doua national military cemetery, is a military cemetery, located in Villeurbanne, France. The cemetery gathers graves of soldiersor resistance fighters, French or from allied troops of the First World War or the Second World War, all of whom died for France. During the World War II, the site, then a former French army training ground, was used by the Nazi occupiers as a regular site for shootings of Resistance fighters; in particular, of resistance fighters imprisoned at Montluc

The "Butte des fusillés"

In September 1945, 77 bodies of resistance fighters, Luxembourgers and German soldiers, whose respective dates of death ranged between October 1943 and June 19442, were found in this place which regularly served as a place of execution, to the German occupier. The precise place of execution by shooting of these resistance fighters is the "Mur des fusillés". 60 bodies were returned to their families; the remaining 17 bodies, some marked Unknown, are buried on the other side of the "Butte des fusillés".

In 1995, a commemorative plaque1 was affixed to the "Mur des fusillés", listing the 77 resistance fighters shot.
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Photo credit Benoît Prieur

Nécropole Nationale de la Doua
Crédit photo Benoît Prieur.

Nécropole Nationale de la Doua

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