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June 18th Appeal


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    June 18th Appeal
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    BOUDOT Philippe
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June 18th Appeal
June 18th Appeal
To all French people,
Francehas lost a battle!
But France has not lost the war!
Meeting rulers may have capitulated, giving in to panic, forgetting honor, surrendering the country to servitude.
However, nothing is lost!
Nothing is lost, because this war is a world war. In the free universe, immense forces have yet to give.
One day, these forces will crush the enemy. On that day, France must be present at the victory. Then she will regain her freedom and her greatness. This is my goal, my only goal!
This is why I invite all French people wherever they may be, to unite with me in action, in sacrifice and in hope.
Our homeland is in mortal peril.
Let us all fight to save it!
Vive la France!

General De Gaulle

Contribution and photo credit Philippe Boudot.
June 18th Appeal
June 18th Appeal.
June 18th Appeal
June 18th Appeal.

June 18th Appeal

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