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C-47 Memorial Garden


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    C-47 Memorial Garden
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C-47 Memorial Garden
C-47 Memorial Garden

This plaque honors 20 American service men who died in this field early june 6, 1944 in the D-Day invasion that began the liberation of France in World War II. Lest we forges!

1" Lt. Kenneth A. BEATTY - O -1285532 - Georgia
Sgt. Roy H. SPEAKE - 18125290 - Texas 
CpI. Eugene E. MIDDLETON - 15116459 - Ohio
Tec 5 John D. HALL - Svc Co. - 06388751 -Tennessee
Tec 5 John L. DAVIS - Svc Co. - 15316846 - Ohio
Pfc. Colin CAMPBELL - 06904258 - New York
Pfc. Frederick J. FENERAN - 12129872 - New York
Pfc. Robert J. HENSEL - 36378163 - Illinois
Pfc. Robert M. NAIMOLI - 32630200 - New York
Pvt Jay E.Cheel - 39905861 - Nevada
Pvt Augustine GONZALES - 38456970 -Texas
Pvt James D.King 3958067 - Arizona
Pvt Salvatore M. LAFERRERA - 12099723 - New York
Pvt Luther F.Morrison - 13066039 - Virginia
Pvt Hugh F. Williams - 33632922 - Virginia
Pvt Benjamin F. Winn - 15116896 - West Virginia

Pilot 2nd Lt Marson F.Sargent 0-806914
Co-Pilot F/O Steve C. Baran T190790
Crew Chief T/Sgt Walter F. Gendron 20141260
Radio operator S/Sgt. Melvin F. SHULLANBERGER 39030891

Taking off from Upottery airfield, England, on the night of June 05 to 06, 1944, a C-47 of the 91st Troop Carrier Squadron belonging to the 439th Troop Carrier Group - serial number 42-100819 - its crew and passengers met a tragic end in the early hours of the morning of June 06. After being hit by German anti-aircraft fire, the aircraft crashed in flames in this field, at a place called "La Maison de Haut".

All 16 paratroopers from the 506th PIR and 4 airmen from the 91st TCS were killed in the accident. The engine, a Pratt & Whitney R-1830-92, from this aircraft was discovered here at the crash site in 1986 by the Dennebouy family.

C-47 Memorial Garden
C-47 Memorial Garden.
C-47 Memorial Garden
C-47 Memorial Garden.
C-47 Memorial Garden
C-47 Memorial Garden.

C-47 Memorial Garden

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