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Crash Wellington LN442


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    Crash Wellington LN442
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    Isabelle Christien
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Crash Wellington LN442
Crash Wellington LN442
The Wellington LN442 of the 466 squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force leaves Yorkshire on August 11, 1943. Its mission is to drop mines on Saint-Nazaire. It crashed over Groix on August 12, 1943. The aviators will be buried in Guidel cemetery on August 14, 1943. A stele located between Quéhello and Pointe St Nicolas,  At the edge of a north-south road  evokes their memory. 
The crew : 
★ W/O Edmund Daniel Fogden RAAF
★ F/Sgt Frank Norman Hamood RAAF
★ Sgt Ronald William Richardson RAF  Volunteer Reserve
★ F/Sgt William Victor Bryan Winchester RAAF
★ Sgt Roger Gordon Woosnam RAF  Volunteer Reserve

Contribution Isabelle Christien
Photo credit Jean Ernster
Crash Wellington LN442
Crash Wellington LN442.

Crash Wellington LN442

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