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Pont ar Stang Vihan massacre


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    Pont ar Stang Vihan massacre
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Pont ar Stang Vihan massacre
Pont ar Stang Vihan massacre

On August 3, 1944, resistance fighters FTPfrom the compagnie "Corse", commanded by Georges Le Gall, attacked German columns at the Pont ar Stang Vihan level crossing (the railroad line existed at the time). The Resistance fighters were defeated by German troops (15 of them were killed, including Joseph Le Droff, from Saint-Nic, executed by bullets).

The Germans, in retaliation, take hostages in the neighborhood, shooting 18 of them, and burning some houses: seven people, either shot or burned, are found in the Deniel house; three other charred corpses are found in a burned farmhouse in the village of Le Cloître, including that of abbé Suignard, a young priest who had come to treat the wounded ; four shot frames of resistance fighters were found near the well of the same farm, and ten others in the surrounding fields; in the town of Landeleau itself, four people were shot and two died of their wounds, including Le Moigne, a schoolteacher from Spézet.
Landeleau was liberated by the Americans two days later, on August 5, 1944. A commemorative stele at Pont ar Stang Vihan commemorates the 33 people killed at the time.
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Pont ar Stang Vihan massacre
Crédit photo Moreau Henri.

Pont ar Stang Vihan massacre

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