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B-17 Fortress Jaynee B plate


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    B-17 Fortress Jaynee B plate
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    BOUDOT Philippe
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B-17 Fortress Jaynee B plate
B-17 Fortress Jaynee B plate

Plaque B-17 Jaynee B
On March 20, 1944, the flying fortressB-17 Jaynee B of the 381st Bomb Group, 535th bomb squadron of the 8th US Air Force took off from England to bomb Mannheim.
Following difficult weather conditions but above all mechanical problems the B-17 piloted by Lieutenant George Mc Intosh attempts a ditching.

The crew was rescued by sailors from the "avant garde" a fishing boat registered in the port of Audierne. The crew were aboard a dinghy as the plane sank.
The ship deposited the American crew at the nearest point where the Germans were waiting...


1st Lt George Benett Jr McInstosh. Pilot, captured.
2nd Lt Robert John Fowler, Copilot, captured.
1st Lt Nicholas Richard Rabay, navigator, captured.
2nd Lt Carl William Dittus, bombardier, captured.
T/Sergeant Harry F Dever, mechanic, captured.
T/Sergeant Russel Myron Rose, radio, captured.
S/Sergeant Garland Chandler Carson, machine gunner, captured.
S/Sergeant Robert Stanley Matcham, machine gunner, captured.
S/Sergeant Eugene Francis Copp, machine gunner, captured.
S/Sergeant Clyde Vandon Craig, machine gunner, captured.

B-17 Fortress Jaynee B plate
Crédit photo Philippe Boudot.

B-17 Fortress Jaynee B plate

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