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Roundup of August 26, 1942


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    Roundup of August 26, 1942
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Roundup of August 26, 1942
Roundup of August 26, 1942

On August 26, 1942 The governmentof the French state installed in this building in Vichy, unleashed throughout the zone libre, a gigantic rafleof Jewsforeigners.
More than 6,500 of them , including hundreds of children were arrested that day and handed over to the Nazisin the occupied zone from where they were immediately deportedwithout return to the extermination camps at Auschwitz.
All told, this was the tragic fate of more than 10,000 foreign Jews living in the free zone.
In their entirety the French population and the Catholic and Protestant clergy immediately opposed these measures which violated the traditions of the honor of France. 
May they be thanked
Let us never forget.

Photo credit Sebleouf

Roundup of August 26, 1942
Crédit photo Sebleouf.

Roundup of August 26, 1942

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