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    Rudolf maquis Perrin
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    Sylvaine Laborde-Castex
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Rudolf maquis Perrin
Rudolf maquis Perrin

Tribute to "Rudolf" from the Perrin maquis.
Here fell gloriously on July 27, 1944 a German antifacist known as ☨ Rudolf with his comrades from the maquis (Perrin)
He fought to liberate France and defeat Nazism.
Fell in this same place two French patriots.
Brozille Paul, 31 years old.
Vialet Louis, 18

Photo credit and contribution: Sylvaine Laborde-Castex

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 Collection Robert Serre Droits réservés

OnJuly 27, 1944, as part of the combats linked to the clearing of the Vercors, the Germans ran into the compagnie Perrin (Henri Prongues) guarding the Tourettes pass, on the Sure between Sainte-Croix and Saint-Andéol-en-Quint, at around 7am. The company stays put despite orders to fall back, as it is turned by other Germans passing through the Col de Marignac. They managed to blow up the bridge over the small road to Vachères. Around midday, a second German attack forced the company to fall back, and at 5.30 p.m., after blowing up the Tourettes bridge, the company disengaged. A German anti-Nazi who had joined the company sacrificed himself by holding off the German column until his ammunition ran out, to enable his comrades to escape. He was finished off by the Germans. Only his first name is known: Rudolph. Five Resistance fighters are wounded. 

The Germans have many killed and 5 trucks out of action. They bypass the bridge and pass over the Col de Marignac, where the compagnie Pons detachment commanded by Marion evacuates its position without much vigorous counterattack. As they passed the Bertrand farm, the Germans found two members of the Pons company, Louis Vialet and Paul Brozille, who had refused to follow their comrades and wanted to try their luck on their own. They kill the 2 maquisards and set fire to the farm. The Germans descend on Saint-Julien-en-Quint and Breton reoccupies the Col de Marignac. Shortly afterwards, de Lassus was determined to degrade the officer in command at Marignac: he first had him imprisoned, then posted with a machine gun at the top of a rocky outcrop, where he remained for 15 days.

Author : Robert Serre
Source: Pour l'Amour de la France, ADD, 97 J 91, 9 J 4.

Rudolf maquis Perrin
Crédit photo: Sylvaine Laborde-Castex.

Rudolf maquis Perrin

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