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B-17 crash stele Beats Me !


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    B-17 crash stele Beats Me !
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    Isabelle Christien
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B-17 crash stele Beats Me !
B-17 crash stele Beats Me !
B-17F 41-24567 of the 360th Bombardment Squadron303rd Air Expeditionary Group, on a bombardment missionover Lorient is pursued by 2 FW 190s of III JG2. It crashes in Pluvigner, at Keronic. A stele pays tribute to them behind the town hall. Another stele, at the crash site (47.79694 -3.02806) is on a private estate.

The crew: 

★ Lt Haas(P) killed
★ Lt Roy W. Christianson (CP) killed
★ 2Lt John H. Embach(N) prisoner
★ 2Lt Mc Cright(B) prisoner
★ T/Sgt Antone Pacheco (E) killed
★ T/Sgt Charles L. Roth (R) prisoner
★ S/Sgt Peter Soria (BTG) killed
★ S/Sgt Jerry Dobbins (LWG) killed
★ S/Sgt John Sherman (RWG) killed
★ S/Sgt Wayne O. Stevens (TG) killed 

Panel text:

In the early 1990s, Jean-Charles MACE, a young Pluvignois aviation enthusiast, undertook excavations at the site of the crash of an American aircraft during the World War II. In the forest of Kéronic, in Camors, he discovered the identity plate of Anton PACHERO which enabled him to identify the aircraft: a B17 F Forteresse Volante, reported missing in action, registration 41-24567 PU-J, of the 8th Air Force (303rd Bomb Group,360th Bomb Squadron) based at Molesworth - England.

Jean-Charles MACE came into contact with one of the 3 survivors still alive Charles Lapham ROTH in Grand Junction - Colorado - USA.
M Guy MATHEUS, who had just created the Comité Cantonal du Souvenir Francais de Pluvigner on March 15, 1994, was informed of J-C. MACE's finds by Pierre LE NEILLON, deputy mayor of Pluvigner. He telephoned Charles L. ROTH on the following June 30.

From July 1994, an intense and rapid exchange of letters led to the project to erect a commemorative stele.
The inauguration date of the monument to honor the 7 members of the Beat's Me! crew, "Dead for France" was set for November 5, 1994. Charles L. ROTH confirmed his coming to Pluvigner accompanied by Colonel (ER) of the USAF Louis Melin SCHULSTAD. Mel SCHULSTAD was the bomber's titular pilot.
Closed to bed with the flu, he was replaced at his post that day by Lt joseph E, HAAS of the 457" Bomb Squadron.

Everything was organized quickly and successfully. A support menhir was graciously chosen from Joachim LE NEDIC in Camors. A 14-member Comité d'Accueil, chaired by Mayor Eugène LE COUVIOUR, was set up.
And on November 5, 1994, a moving ceremony was held in the presence of Charles L. ROTH, Mel SCHULSTAD, 7 members of their families, citizens of Pluvigner and of all horizons, took place around the stele erected behind the Town Hall.

Since then, every May 8, a wreath-laying ceremony by the Souvenir Français, associates our American friends with French patriotic ceremonies. Numerous links have been forged between Pluvignois residents and members of the families of the fallen, as evidenced by transatlantic visits. New inaugurations and commemorations have taken place: June 2004 inauguration of a stele on the site of the crash, January 2011 inauguration of a "CHRISTIANSON" Memorial near Mané-ihuel and in June 2012 commemoration in memory of Jerty W. DOBBINS in Stockton Springs - Maine - USA.

The families of 8 of the 10 crew members having been contacted, further visits and commemorations will take place.
Our places of remembrance intended to receive the recollection of these guests are now at their disposal.

Contribution Isabelle Christien.
Photo credit Le Bourvellec Eric

B-17 crash stele Beats Me !
B-17 crash stele Beats Me !.
B-17 crash stele Beats Me !
B-17 crash stele Beats Me !.
B-17 crash stele Beats Me !
B-17 crash stele Beats Me !.

B-17 crash stele Beats Me !

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