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B-17 Strinky Weather and Yardbird crashes



B-17 Strinky Weather and Yardbird crashes
B-17 Strinky Weather and Yardbird crashes
In memory of American airmen fallen for our freedom 
Pieubian May 29, 1943 B-17 No. 41-24602 "Yardbird" of the 303rd  Bomb Group/ 360th Bomb Squadron

★ Lt Joseph E. TROJAN Pilot Taken
★ Lt Thomas S. VAUGHAN Co-Pilot Killed
★ Sgt Paul H: PRESCOTT Mechanic Killed
★ Lt Parléy W MADSEN Navigator Taken
★ Lt Jimmy W STEWARD Bombardier Taken
★ Sgt C E. CRAFT Radio Pris
★ Sgt Martin A. SEMONICK Machine Gunner Taken
★ Sgt, Franck W BARTLETT , Machine Gunner Taken
★ Sgt Lincoln T., O'CONNËLL Machine Gunner Taken
★ Sgt J. R. SUNDERLIN Machine Gunner Taken 

On May 29, 1943, the B17 Yardbird piloted by Lieutenant TROJAN, fell victim to flak while, having just completed its bombing mission over Saint-Nazaire.
One of the propellers became uncontrollable, the loss of speed forced it to leave the defensive device adopted by the bombers. German fighters pounced on him.
Attached to the rear where several wounded lay, the pilot preferred to turn back and ordered the aircraft to evacuate over the continent.
The incontrollable fortress fell at around 4:45pm, close to the Kervégant farm in Pleubian. The co-pilot VAUGHAN whose parachute would not have opened fell, in a field near the manor of Pen crech.
The mechanic PRESCOTT was to die of his injuries on June 4 despite the blood donation of two members of his crew.
The navigator STEWART, despite the help of a Pleubian resident, was made prisoner in his turn and joined the rest of the crew for internment in Germany

Kerbors on December 31, 1943 
B17 N° 42-31179 "Strinky Weather" of the 351st Bomb Group 311 Bomb Squadron
★ Lt Warren L. PUTMAN Pilot Killed
★ F/0 Thomas A. IRVINE Co-Pilot Killed
★ Lt Jack R. WOOD Bombardier Killed
★ Sgt Ray E. PRATER Mechanic Killed
★ Sgt Albert R. CUSTER Machine Gunner Killed  
★ Sgt Wesley E GREENE Radio Taken
★ Sgt Robert O. DIEHL Mitrailleur Pris 
★ Sgt Jack D. Mc KINNEY Machine Gunner Taken  
★ Lt Irving J. SHWAYDER Navigator Escaped
★ Sgt John J. GILSON Evaded Machine Gunner

On December 31, 1943, the B17"Strinky Weather" piloted by Lieutenant PUTMAN was hit by flakover the  Cognac airfield.
It was leaving formation and was, attacked by  German fighters.
His plane on fire, the pilot ordered the crew to  jump, by parachute. The fortress crashed in flames on the Bellevue mudflat in Kerbors, killing four people.

The Bombardier R. WOOD, seriously wounded, received  first aid from a Pleudaniel doctor. He was to die at the hospital in Morlaix.
Three other members of the crew did not manage to escape the Germans.
The navigator J. SHWAYDER and the machine-gunner J GILSON managed to escape the search, thanks to the courage of a few ,locals and the complicity of local networks.Only the navigator managed to return to England after many journeys.
The machine-gunner was recaptured near Toulouse.

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B-17 Strinky Weather and Yardbird crashes
B-17 Strinky Weather and Yardbird crashes.

B-17 Strinky Weather and Yardbird crashes

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