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Killing at Kereozen


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    Killing at Kereozen
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Killing at Kereozen
Killing at Kereozen
At a place called Kereozen after the chapel of St-Jean Balanant in Plouvien on the road to Loc Brévalaire stands a stele in tribute to 7 shot by the Germans on August 9, 1944.
German troops were retreating to Brest and nearby, a German soldier broke away from the group to satisfy a natural urge. A resistant or other shadow soldier took the opportunity to shoot him. The Germans, who had gone in search of their comrade and saw him dead, then headed for the nearest farm. There, they dragged out the men of the family and refugees from Brest to pass them by the weapons.
Assisting in this killing was the family's daughter, who later lived in the farmhouse of the tragedy. On her death, having no direct heir, the house was put up for sale but, in agreement with the sellers, the Mairie bought a plot of land to move the remembrance stele that was on the sold property.
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Killing at Kereozen
Killing at Kereozen.

Killing at Kereozen

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