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    Tiger tank Vimoutiers
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Tiger tank Vimoutiers
Tiger tank Vimoutiers
The Vimoutiers Tiger tank is a German Tiger tank from the Second World War, on display outside Vimoutiers in north-eastern Orne (France). The tank was abandoned by its crew in August 1944, during the final days of the Battle of Normandy. Left abandoned in a roadside ditch until the mid-1970s, it was recovered by the commune of Vimoutiers to prevent it from being scrapped. Restored, it is now on display outside the town. It was classified as a historic monument on December 2, 1975. n Sunday August 19, 19443, several tanks entered the steeply sloping Côte de Gacé, south-east of the town of Vimoutiers. Some of them broke down or ran out of fuel, including this one belonging to the 12th SS Hitlerjugend panzer division4. According to local historian Gérard Roger4, who obtained information from one of the tankers, the tank broke down on a bend and was abandoned without being destroyed. However, according to Philippe Wirton, before abandoning the tank, the Tiger crew scuttled it by detonating two charges inside, one of which slightly misaligned the turret. Source Wikipedia
Tiger tank Vimoutiers
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Tiger tank Vimoutiers

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