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Resistance Memorial
Resistance Memorial
The Resistance memorial at Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure in Charente, France, was built at the end of the Second World War to commemorate the 1,465 martyrs of the Resistance and fallen servicemen from the Charente and Charente-Maritime regions. It is both a memorial to the Resistance and a national necropolis.
The Bir Hacheim Maquis had Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure as its birthplace. The surviving members, including Colonel André Chabanne and Guy Pascaud, had the idea, as soon as the Charente region was liberated, of a monument to the glory of the Resistance, intended to perpetuate the memory of the volunteers who fell "for the freedom and greatness of the country", and in particular the 170 shot, deported and killed in action, known or unknown, from the Bir Hacheim maquis.
Source Wikipedia.
Resistance Memorial
Resistance Memorial.

Resistance Memorial

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